The sweetness that we never loose………..11th Chapter of the book ‘Address of Happiness’ [a.k.a. સુખનું સરનામું] by Shri Haresh Dholakia

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Which is the best occupation?

In fact, all occupations of our own choice are the best.

Even then, in my opinion, a teacher’s occupation is the best.

Common belief is that a teacher’s occupation is not gainful for anyone so much as the high profile occupations of an engineer, a doctor etc. Why should anyone choose to be a teacher instead of being an engineer or a doctor?

Perhaps, this belief is justified if we look at the “High profile” means “High salaried” occupations. But, the teacher’s occupation is most enjoyable in our life. If you are a doctor, you have to be always with the patients. You hear and discuss about sickness for ever. Your field of working is health, but you are always with the sickness. After hearing of and facing the diseases and death continuously, one may get depressed at some point of time. Same is the case of engineers and other professionals. Their occupation is the best, but they have to work with dead stock, files and materials!

A teacher’s occupation is the only one, when a person is continuously in touch with the youth. Childhood, adulthood and youth all three are the best stages in our life. A child, an adult teenage and a youth are always very enthusiastic. They are hopeful about achievements. Enterprise, curiosity, optimism about the future are the main features in these stages. They are full of strong desire, “let me do something.”

The teacher is always in contact with such children and youths. Naturally, he also gets infected by this vigour. He forgets his growing age and other problems, for he is living with the individuals bursting with freshness and energy. His mind experiences their freshness. The teacher may have been retired, but the effect of youth contact is still there in his mind.

The teacher and the gardener both are very fortunate. They are always in contact with youth and fragrance. They bring up the young. Their main reward is they remain young doing this work. Salary is of less importance for them. It is only bonus.

The good characteristic of the youth is that you are never sure which question will arise in their minds. They are not stagnant personalities, programmed like a computer. Their minds overflow with curiosity. Their teacher has to remain alert all the time. That may be the reason why some teachers always keep a distance from children.

Once, a young student asked abruptly, “Sir, can you please tell us, which are the best and the most important words among such a huge dictionary?”

This is a very strange question. A dictionary lists the words only. There is nothing like good words and bad words. It contains all the words existing in the language. It is only a compilation.

But, let us examine this question from somewhat different angle.  Let us put it this way. “Is it necessary to know all the words in the dictionary for living a good quality life?”

Of course not!  Only a few words’ knowledge is enough for our life. In spite of limited knowledge, we can enjoy life.

If we extract the essence of the entire dictionary, we find four words, which can make our life enjoyable.

First word is “Discretion”.

Our life is full of temptations and choices.  It is very difficult to keep away from them. All these temptations are such that one seems to be always better than the other. We are quite confused about the choice. In this situation, it is desirable that we can right choice, which helps to make our life beautiful, saves us from troubles, maintains our mental and physical health and gives us everlasting joy.

For this purpose, “Discretion” is must.

Discretion means perfectly identifying the wrong from the right and choosing the right one. Once we master this technique, we would always choose spiritual happiness, and the discretion’s lamp would continue to give light for ever, even if we wander amongst numerous temptations.

Discretion is the base of happy life. One, who wants to be happy in an easy way, has to practice discretion. Then, the mind, intellect and outlook would be very clear and the blur will disappear.  Conscience would sparkle.

The second word, in order after discretion, is “understands”

The two words may look synonymous of each other. On the surface they may be, but there is a very minute difference between the two.

Discretion is the process of living, while understanding is the technique. Discretion means you have to be alert all the time and think about the self. Understanding is the technique of life which is created as a result of this process. Understanding means the life with discretion.

An individual’s intellect, called “Pragya” in Sanskrit , will then become so subtle that he would not need to use discretion every time. Discretion would become his habit. It will be part of his nature. This way he would live with understanding, always. When discretion becomes the nature, understanding is created. The life of such a person would be so healthy that he would hardly make any mistake or would face any trouble.

Many times, we hear the words, “A mature person” in our society. But, they are used in a practical sense. Many people compromise their personal thinking to be considered “mature” That is why they are called “Understanding”. This is the process of adaptation. It is only a small part of understanding.

But, what we discuss here is the natural rule of life, which is followed by a person and is called understanding.  Such a person mostly adjusts to the ways of the society around him.  Sometimes, the height of his understanding is so much that even the society cannot realise it. So, often such persons are also in trouble but their level of understanding is so great that they do not care about the troubles.

The result of understanding is “Love”, the third word.

Discretion means the acceptance of spiritual happiness. To live with discretion is understanding. As the understanding becomes deep, we realise that the life seen among the differences outside is only one. There is unity within diversity. Only one element of soul exists everywhere, and this element of life is lovable only. We find this element of life in everything and everywhere.

A person, who realises this, experiences great love for the whole world. He is left with only one feeling, “O God, you are the only element that exists everywhere in the universe, you may take different forms.” The shower of love from such a person’s heart drenches all. He feels identified with the whole universe.

The fourth word “Enjoyment” is the result of this feeling.  Many people ask, “How to get enjoyment?” There is only one answer to that.  Love all, without any reason.

Enjoyment is the result of love. One, who can love, gets joy. Deeper your love, stronger is the flow of joy, like waterfall. As the cow’s udder becomes full of milk at the sight of her calf, a person’s whole conscience experiences joy as the love grows deep.

How does the world look like to such a person?

Everything looks very sweet. Birth is sweet, disease is sweet, health is sweet, Happiness, sadness, death all are sweet for him. The experience of sweetness is the expression of joy.

That is all.  The aim of life is achieved here.

So, the first step is is the base. As you enter an old labyrinth and proceed to find one door after the other, you practice discretion which pulls you to understanding, then the depth of understanding will create love in yourself and this plunge in the sea of love will get you the pearl of joy.

Thus, concentrate on these four words from the whole dictionary in your life and they are sufficient to make your life blessed.

See, how far one is led by the curiosity of a young child!


Translated by : Susmita Vaishnav, Ahmedabad